Pathways from education to work for young people

Sydney, 28 novembre 2016 | Call for papers

Call for papers.Employability: Pathways from education to work for young people

For the Journal of industrial relations, special issue. Guest editors : Paula McDonald, Deanna Grant-Smith and Greg Marston, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Deadline for submission of papers : 28th November 2016.


This special issue examines current theory, evidence and policy related to the notion of ‘employability’. The concept of employability has become a ubiquitous one in research, public and educational policy and political rhetoric in relation to youth labour market concerns. While the specific components of the term have been variously described across academic disciplines and policy spheres, employability can be understood as the package of skills, personal attirbutes, knowledges and experiences that provide an individual access to employment (Pool & Sewell 2007).

Employability is generally considered a useful concept for understanding the extent to which young people are adequately prepared to participate in the labour market. In some fields, employability has been touted as a guiding mantra which will solve the ‘problem’ of youth employment. However, the notion of employability has also been critiqued for underplaying the social and political contexts in which employment is sought. In particular, it has been suggested that policy approaches have tended to focus too much on the qualities of individuals whilst giving limited recognition to the influences of the broader labour market, occupational structures and the social locations of job-seekers such as their ethnicity, class and gender.

The aim of this special issue is to examine the dimensions of employability in the context of trends, policies, research and discourse related to education-to-work transitions for young people. Papers should critically address the interconnections between socio-political, organisational and individual dimensions of employability.


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