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Céreq affirms its role at the European level and renews its partnership agreement with its German counterpart, the BIBB


On Thursday 31 March 2016, on the occasion of the signing of a new agreement, Alberto Lopez, director of Céreq,  welcomed a delegation from the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, the BIBB, in Bonn, Germany. Professor Reinhold Weiss, deputy director and head of research, was accompanied by a team of managers and researchers from the BIBB, the Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung.


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The BIBB is a federal institute that has particular responsibility for putting in place dual vocational training programmes in Germany. It also carries out studies of the organisation of vocational education and training systems, such as the ‘VET 4.0’ and ‘Higher VET’ projects. Among these research topics, it has recently published findings on the integration of refugees into the German labour market and on the attractiveness of vocational training programmes. Its competences and expertise are recognised internationally.

The BIBB and Céreq have been cooperating with each other for many years, and the renewal of this agreement strengthens the links between the two organisations. Within the framework of this cooperation, Céreq is taking part in the joint ‘Higher VET’ project. The aim of this study is to fill the gap in the available data on higher vocational education and training. The study will analyse all the forms and levels of vocational training beyond upper secondary level in several EU member states. Céreq is also involved in a second project entitled ‘Dual VET’, which will focus on combined academic and on-the-job training systems in the automobile manufacture and repair industries.

The two organisations have undertaken to respond jointly to European calls for tender. Céreq researchers will publish in the BIBB journal, Vocational Training in Research and Practice. A joint conference on the transition from school to vocational training and employment, to be held in Brussels, is also being planned for the beginning of 2017. This conference will help to strengthen the ties between European organisations similar to Céreq and EU institutions. After all, in the light of the high levels of youth unemployment and shortages of skilled workers in many countries, cooperation between research institutes such as the BIBB in Germany and Céreq in France is absolutely essential.  These initiatives, and the joint research and knowledge sharing they involve, will contribute to the reform of national training systems. 



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Contact:  Matteo Sgarzi

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Transitions to VET and the labour market: the European Perspective BIBB – CEREQ Conference. 

07. February 2017


The forthcoming BIBB & Céreq conference is the first one of its kind bringing together major research results from the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) in Germany and the Centre for Studies and Research on Qualifications (Céreq) in France. It aims at demonstrating and discussing the use, relevance and potentials of VET research for policy making, innovation in VET and practices.

In addition to researchers from 11 national VET research institutes, major European VET institutions and national VET stakeholders are invited to join the debate, share their views on evidence-based policy-making and express their needs and expectations in terms of improved tuning of research to policy and practice. The debate will be nurtured by presenting selected results from ongoing research on the cornerstone issue of transitions from school to VET and from VET to the labour market. The issue of transitions is core to many VET systems as stated in the "New Skill Agenda for Europe" as well as in European initiatives such as the skills panorama or the development of qualification frameworks. Both Céreq and BIBB run longitudinal analysis and surveys on that topic.

Transition from VET to the labour market in Europe can be seen as a twofold process. In European countries where a solid dual system is in place, major attention is paid to the first transition phase (‘first threshold’) taking place after compulsory schooling when youngsters decide to join VET programmes and in particular dual apprenticeship training programmes. In other countries it is the second transition phase (‘second threshold’) relating to the transition from VET to the labour market that is particularly critical and worth to be thoroughly studied. A great part of BIBB and CEREQ research activities focus on this double transition process but with very different blends.

The event takes place in Brussels on 07 February 2017. It will start at 9:30 and end at 15:00. The conference languages will be English, French and German. Participation takes place on basis of invitation. From 15:00 to 18:00 a closed session will take place gathering representatives of participating research institutes associated with BIBB and Céreq in different VET research cooperation agreements.

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 For further information, please contact: • Mr Matteo Sgarzi (Head of International Relations at Céreq;; Tel. 00 33 789 247 594) • Ms Isabelle Le Mouillour (Head of Division 1.1 "Basic Issues of Internationalisation / Monitoring of Vocational Education and Training Systems" at BIBB;; Tel. 00 49 (0)228 107 1602)

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