Apprenticeships and higher education : a European comparison

Céreq is contributing to the German project on dual apprenticeships in higher education that was launched in 2014 by BIBB (Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung/Federal Institute for Vocational Training). Part of Céreq’s contribution to the project will be to organise interviews with training managers, students, researchers and policy makers in the BTS and DUT/vocational bachelor’s degree streams. The aim of the project is to produce an in-depth comparative analysis of work-linked apprenticeships in Europe based on case studies carried out in six countries (Germany, France, Austria, Ireland, Norway and Poland).

The higher education sector has been through a period of very dynamic change in recent years. Many countries are introducing education programmes with a strong work-linked training and apprenticeship content. In some cases, the new programmes may lead to the award of dual qualifications.

In the initial phase of the project, preliminary reports on these education programmes (levels V-VII in the European Qualifications Framework) were compiled. Céreq is participating in the second phase, which got under way in November 2015.

Céreq will work in close cooperation with BIBB, the lead organisation. The work carried out in France will help to establish a comparative European framework in this area.


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Ute Hippach-Schneider and Kurt Schmid are interviewed by Céreq on the ‘Higher’ VET project and on the comparison of apprenticeship-based education programmes in Europe


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Report on Vocational Education and Training in Germany published in 2014 by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training.

Cedefop report : Spotlight on VET Germany


BTS =brevet de technicien supérieur, a vocational qualification requiring 2 years’
post-secondary study; DUT –diplôme universitaire de technologie, a national diploma
also requiring 2 years’ post-secondary study;licence professionnelle, or 
vocational bachelor’s degree, requiring 3 years’ post-secondary study.
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