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The Rainbow Years Project will develop a suite of new materials to support the delivery of mid-life skills reviews; the emphasis will be on reviewing the skills and competences of the target population, namely adults around 50 years of age with low levels of basic skills.

It will promote the take-up of MLCRs (mid-life career reviews) by creating an innovative suite of new materials that will supply a critical element of successful provision, namely an MLCR. The new materials are to be piloted across 6 EU countries and will be made available in 6 languages. The materials themselves will take the form of new e-learning modules for reviewers and new assessment materials for them to use in the skills review process. Online materials to be used during the mid-life skills review will also be developed.

Six teams from  England, Finland, Spain, Italy, Germany and France are involved in the Rainbow Years Project, including several members of the RLMM network to which Céreq belongs. This new project will run from November 2017, with a kick-off meeting in Bilbao, to December 2019 and will involve 4 Céreq researchers.



Project partners:

 Learning and Work Institute (UK) - The University of Exeter (UK)

 TSL- Workers' Educational Association (Finland)

 University of Frankfurt Goethe - IWAK  (Germany)

University of Milan Bicocca (Italy)

Céreq - Centre for Studies and Research in Qualifications (France)

Prospektiker - private consultancy specialized on foresight and prospective (Spain)


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30 november and 1 december 2017: Kick-off meeting of  the Rainbow project, in Bilbao

14-15 May 2018: Project meeting in Marseille


Contacts (Céreq): Aline Valette-Wursthen, Isabelle Marion-Vernoux , Marion Lambert, Jean-Marie Dubois

Start date: 30 November 2017

Finish date: November 2019

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