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Young French women in managerial occupations: a time availability perspective
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Where? At the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology held in Toronto in July 2018

What? Arnaud Dupray and Dominique Epiphane presented a paper as part of a session entitled“The Work/Family Challenge In Intensive Work Contexts”. Their paper drew on a preliminary analysis of two specific extensions of the third wave of Céreq’s Génération 2010 survey:

  • The characterization of individuals in managerial occupations
  • The share of domestic and parental tasks within couples. 
Impact of sustainable development on occupations and training programmes
Impact of sustainable development on occupations and training programmes->







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Céreq has concluded a two-year cycle devoted to analysis of the links between training and employment in the light of changes in the energy sector and environmental considerations. This analysis has aimed to give context to the changes taking place in the world of work and to the links between changes in jobs and changes in education and training systems.

The last seminar, which took place in Marseille on 21 June 2016, was attended by Italian researchers from ISFOL (Institut pour le Développement de la formation professionnelle des travailleurs/Institute for the Development of Workers’ Vocational Training,, who presented a study on identifying environmentally innovative occupational profiles as well as their statistical surveys on the education-to-work transition of young people leaving environmental education/training programmes in Italy.

Céreq and ISFOL have been working together for many years on establishing a European network of research centres in the area of education, training and employment. Sustainable development is one of the areas of investigation intended to impart fresh momentum to this collaboration.

What is the future of vocational training?
What is the future of vocational training?->





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An international comparative conference entitled ‘Guidance, training programmes and transitions into employment: what future for vocational training’ was held in Paris on the 19th and 20th of May 2016 by National Council for the Evaluation of the Education System (Cnesco) and International Centre for Pedagogical Studies (Ciep) in partnership with Centre for Research on Education, Training and Employment (Céreq) and Institute of Labour Economics and Industrial Sociology (LEST). The conference provided an opportunity for international decision makers to present some real-life experiences with public policies on vocational training that have been implemented in OECD countries. It also aimed to encourage meetings and exchanges between decision makers from different spheres, all of whom spend their days developing these policies on vocational training (national education, inter-ministerial policies, companies, regional authorities, etc.).

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