Publié le 1 février 2005

Managing competence and setting up qualifications. How to reconcile company performances and individual careers ?

Sylvie Monchatre

  • Training and Employment n°60
  • février 2005


Competence management (or skills or competency management, as it is also known) has been defined as follows : "a system used to identify the correlations between skills, knowledge and performance within an organisation. It enables an organisation to identify gaps and introduce training, compensation and recruiting programmes based on current or future needs". It is also intended to stimulate the commitment of individual employees to improving their company's performances. For this purpose, managers have to constantly invent arrangements striking a balance between mobilisation and equity. Competences often tend to be defined purely in terms of the company's immediate requirements as far as encouraging personal initiative, learning processes and innovation are concerned. The question therefore arises as to whether the skills acquired by individuals will be duly recognized on the labour market, since individual workers' chances of mobility may depend on being able to prove what competences they have acquired, apart from how they are used at their places of work

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