Publié le 12 mars 2019

Young people spending time abroad: European targets partially achieved, but access remains unequal

Julien Calmand, Alexie Robert


  • Training and Employment n°136
  • mars 2019

Etudiant, Union européenne, Enquête Génération, mobilité géographique, Formation professionnelle, Enseignement supérieur

A European indicator, constructed in part using data from Céreq’s Génération survey, shows that France is fairly well positioned when it comes to the time the country’s students spend abroad in the course of their studies, even though the 2020 target has not yet been achieved. On the other hand, very few of the young people in vocational secondary education or apprenticeships go abroad as part of their education or training. However, these indicators do not reflect the full diversity of the experiences abroad acquired in the course of their studies by the young people who left the education system in a given year.

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