Associated centers throughout France

Céreq's regional network includes thirteen based in university research laboratories, most of them affiliated to the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). The disciplines of each research team come to supplement those of the Marseilles staff.

The associated research centres and their host laboratories conduct specific studies in the framework of Céreq's fields of investigation. They also participate in joint studies corresponding to the main lines of the Centre research while participating to Céreq's missions towards the different partners in the Regions.

A broader, more comprehensive calling

Céreq stands out for the scope of its activities and disciplines. In Marseilles and throughout its French network of associated centres, it brings together economists, sociologists, statisticians, demographers, political scientists, jurists and educationalists. It carries out statistical surveys of individuals or companies, draws on varied administrative sources to expand its databases and carries out its own qualitative and quantitative studies.

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