Publié le 29 juin 2015

2013 survey of the 2010 cohort: Crisis makes school-to-work transition for CAP-BEP holders even more difficult

Valérie Ilardi, Emmanuel Sulzer

  • Training and Employment n°116
  • juin 2015

school-to-work-transition, secondary education, unemployment, cohort

Three years into their working lives, the unemployment rate among the young people who completed secondary vocational education in 2010 was 24%. The crisis has hit holders of the CAP and BEP head on, causing their labour market situation to deteriorate still further. Although not unaffected by the crisis, holders of the technological and vocational baccalaureate are significantly less vulnerable. In the long run, the value of French level V qualifications (CITE 3c/EQF 3) may well be called into question.


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