Training and Employment
Publié le 1 octobre 2007

Learning and working : towards new forms of complementarity ?

Michel Théry , Jean-Marie Luttringer , Carine Seiler , et al.

  • Training and Employment n°76
  • octobre 2007


In September 2003, the social partners signed an interprofessionnal agreement known as the ANI, which served as a basis of the French Law of May 2004 on lifelong learning and social dialogue. This legislation has completely changed the occupational training landscape in France, especially as far as alternance training is concerned. In particular, it has instituted a "professionalising contract", which has considerably changed the respective roles of firms and training organisations in the transition to work and the reintegration of the unemployed. New paths have thus been forged towards possibly creating a new balance between learning and working. The occupational branches seem to be having some hesitation in taking these paths, however.

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