Publié le 1 février 2007

Pathways to the validation of acquired experience. Long, complex itineraries with an uncertain outcome

Elsa Personnaz , Nathalie Quintero , Frédéric Séchaud

  • Training and Employment n°72
  • février 2007


Searching for information, advice, career guidance, positioning recommendations, obtaining confirmation of eligibility, preparing application f i l e s , and undergoing assessments: the pathway to obtaining a diploma in France via the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) scheme is long and complex, as many candidates have agreed. They are expected to collect together a large number of resources, such as mentoring services, time, funding, the ability to formulate what their work involves, etc., and to combine these resources appropriately. The strong commitment required by all these efforts is often undermined by tensions, most of which are inherent to the scheme itself and make the outcome highly uncertain : although many candidates set out on this path, very few eventually make it to the goal.

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