Publié le 15 décembre 2013

School drop-outs: the lessons from an experiment linking education and health services

Gérard Boudesseul

  • Training and Employment n°108
  • décembre 2013

Experimentation, youth, early school leaving

The young persons’ guidance and support programmes (ateliers pédagogiques/APs) at the Jean Wier Medico-Psychological Centre in Nanterre are an innovative project in the fight against early school leaving. They are run by professionals from the health care, social work and education sectors. Well established in their local communities, they provide support and guidance for the young people experiencing the greatest difficulties among those at risk of permanently dropping out of school. In the light of the social utility of such services, and taking into account the lessons to be drawn from the evaluation, the conditions that would facilitate the implementation of similar programmes in other areas are identified and listed.

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