Publié le 1 décembre 2010

What becomes of students joining a Higher Technician’s Section (STS) or a University Institute of Technology (IUT)?

Yvette Grelet , Claudine Romani , Joaquim Timotéo

  • Training and Employment n°90
  • décembre 2010

Enseignement supérieur, BTS, IUT, INSERTION, centre associé d'Orléans (LEO), centre associé de Caen (CRESO)

French youths with an Advanced Vocational Training Certificate (BTS) or a Technological University Diploma (DUT) enjoy favourable conditions of transition to work. The prospects of those who continue to pursue further studies are even better on the whole. However, more than one quarter of those enrolled in BTS courses after obtaining the baccaluréat give up their studies without obtaining a diploma. Public policy-makers should pay greater attention to this issue.

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