December 2018


Career Path and Training

Paris, France

Study day organised by CNEFP and Cereq on Career Path and Training: renewed links.


November 2018


Rainbow Years Project

London, United Kingdom

Participation of Aline Valette-Wursthen and Jean-Marie Dubois in the Rainbow Years Project.



Track-VET Project

Vienna, Austria

Josiane Paddeu and Matteo Sgarzi will attend the third working meeting of the Track-VET Project.



EQUAL Project

Rome, Italy

Matteo Sgarzi will attend the second EQUAL Project meeting.



Quality in VET

Paris, France

Meeting AFD-Céreq, in the framework of the "quality in VET", Françoise Kogut-KubiakIsabelle Marion and Matteo Sgarzi will present four thematic focus notes based on recent Céreq study achievements.


October 2018


Twinning project between Morocco and France

Rabat, Morocco

Closing conference.



Trends and Issues in Doctoral Education Worldwide

Moscow, Russia

Julien Calmand will go to Russia as he is participating, with many researchers from all around the world, in a comparative project "Trends and Issues in Doctoral Education Worldwide: An International Research Inquiry". This project is coordinated by the Center for Institutional Studies at the National Research University-Higher School of Economics in Moscow and the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College (USA).



Young People & Society

Lausanne, Swiss

Dominique EpiphaneThomas CouppieOlivier JosephZora MazariAlexie Robert and Emmanuel Sulzer attended the 9th meeting Young People & Societies.

september 2018


Céreq-BIBB Partnership

Marseille, France

Renewal of the Céreq partnership agreement with the German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB).



Satelit Project

Marseille, France

Florence Ryk and Matteo Sgarziparticipated in the steering committee of the Satelit Project held at the Palais du Pharo in Marseille.



Transport and Logistics

Paris, France

Céreq organised an Interministerial meeting on certifications in Transport and Logistics sectors.



Regional Labour Market Monitoring (RLMM)

Exeter, United Kingdom

Matteo Sgarzi attended the annual RLMM seminar.

Août 2018


Consortium of Higher Education Researchers

Moscow, Russia

Fanette Merlin participated in the CHER 31st Annual Conference, the Consortium of Higher Education Researchers.



July 2018



Conference on Social Sciences

Athens, Greece

Patrick Rousset attended the 5th International Annual Conference on Social Sciences.




Congress of Sociology

Toronto, Canada

Arnaud Dupray went to Toronto from 16 to 20 July to attend the 19th ISA World Congress of Sociology.



Satelit Project

Marseille, France

Céreq welcomed their Moroccan partners as part of the Erasmus + Satelit Project.


June 2018


 XXVII Meeting of the Economics of Education Association

On 28-29 June 2018, Jean-François Giret and Julien Calmand will participate in the XXVII Meeting of the Economics of Education Association, hosted by the University of Barcelona (Spain). Their lecture will focuse on The School-to-Work Transition of Engineers and PhDs in France.


Twinning project between Morocco and France

From 18 to 22 June , as part of the twinning project between Morocco and France, Mickael Molinari and Christophe Guitton went to Morocco. Their contributions focused on transition from school-to-work through the lens of Céreq’s Génération surveys and on methods of prospective analyses on jobs and qualifications.




Conference on Longitudinal Data Analysis

On 7 and 8 June this year, Céreq will be hosting the 24thConference on Longitudinal Data Analysis in Marseille on the theme of "Young people and the transition to adulthood: what continuities and what changes over 30 years?".



NQF-In Project

NQF-In Project Final Conference in Warsaw: “Developing models of the inclusion of non-formal sector qualifications in national qualifications frameworks – the experiences of European countries”

May 2018



On 29-30 May 2018,  Matteo Sgarzi  will attend GreenSkills4VET Project meeting in Linz (Austria)



Rainbow Years project

On 14-15 May 2018, Aline Valette and Isabelle Marion will welcome participants to Marseille for the Rainbow Years project meeting


26/04/2018 - 24/05/2018

Replay-VET National Working Group

The Replay-Vet project's national working group in Marseille will focus on "Strengthening the key skills of low-skilled workers through continuing vocational training to cover future replacement positions". The group will meet two times, 26 April and 24 May.


12 /04/2018

Replay-VET National Working Group

 Replay-Vet project’s national working group in Marseille will focus on “Strengthen the key skills of low-skilled workers through continuing vocational training to cover future replacement positions”. The group will gather three times 12th and 26th of April, 24th of May.


March 2018


Track-VET project 

On 8-9 March 2018, Josiane Paddeu and Catherine Galli will take part in the Track-Vet project meeting in Oslo 



Visitors to Céreq

On 5 March 2018, Céreq will welcome visiting researchers Alexandra Mergener  (BIBB, Germany) and Benammar Hassiba (University of Constantine, Algeria).

February 2018



CEDEFOP Expert Workshop

Matteo Sgarzi will take part in CEDEFOP Expert Workshop “VET in the 21st century – Future trends and priorities” in Thessaloniki, Greece.



On 12-14 February, Matteo Sgarzi participated in a seminar in Rabat devoted on the issue of “Assessment of public policies on education: approaches and methods”




Patrick Rousset and Matteo Sgarzi will attend Project meeting in Bilbao (Spain),on  8 and 9 February 2018.

December 2017


Education to work transition

The theme of the next Céreq biennial conference will be “The school-to-work transition of young people over the last 20 years : continuity and change". It will take place on the 7th of December 2017 in Paris. Participants will be able to register from September onwards.


TRACK-VET project

On 5 and 6 December, Matteo Sgarzi will go to Warsaw, for the Kick-off meeting of the TRACK-VET project.


November 2017


On 30 november and 1 december, Aline Valette et Isabelle Marion will go to Bilbao for the kick-off meeting of  the Rainbow project.


Capability approach

Josiane Vero and Céline Goffette (Crest) will take part in the conference of the Institute of Demographics and Socioeconomics (IDESO), on 23 November 2017, in Geneva. Their paper will focus on "measuring the evolution of quality of employment in Europe based on the capability approach".


REPLAY-VEt project

On 22 November, Alexandra D’Agostino, Patrick Rousset,  Matteo Sgarzi will go to Frankfort (Germany) to attend a meeting  on REPLAY-VEt project.


NQF-In Project

On 9 November, Patrick Veneau, Josiane Paddeu and  Matteo Sgarzi will attend the NQF-In conference in Prague (Czech Republic) entitled "Including qualifications in the non-formal sector in the national qualifications framework - experiences and solutions from 7 European countries".

October 2017


Satelit Project

On 24-25 October,  Matteo Sgarzi will attend the Satelit Project steering committee meeting in Murcia (Spain).


GreenSkills4VET project

On 24-25 October Félicie Drouilleau and Marion Massi will travel to Thessaloniki (Greece) for  a working meeting on the GreenSkills4VET project.


On 9 and 11 October, Dominique Maillard will participate in the 4th international colloquium of LASALE “For a sustainable educational community”.


Early school leaving

On 17 October, Dominique Maillard attended the Tita final event. She presented a paper on "Prevention and collaborations in differentiated school models. Comparative reading France, Luxembourg, Canton of Valais (Switzerland)".


Sustainable educational community

On 9 and 11 October, Dominique Maillard participated in the 4th international colloquium of LASALE “For a sustainable educational community”.


12th Annual Meeting of the European Network on RLMM

On 5 and 6 October,  Matteo Sgarzi and Antoine Bonleu (University of Aix-Marseille) participated in the 12th annual meeting of the European Regional Labor Market Monitoring Network (EN RLMM) held in Tirana, Albania. The annual theme of the EN RLMM was about the importance of governance in RLMM. The second day of the conference was enriched by the prospects of the emerging and developing economies of North Africa, the Middle East, South-East Europe and Central Asia.

September 2017


School-to-work transition

Olivier Joseph attended the 3rd International Conference on Transitions in Youth, Young Adulthood and Beyond, in Bern, Switzerland. His paper focused on the impacts of the French economic crisis on the school-to-work transition.



Yannick Fondeur (CNAM) and Mario Mezzanzanica (University of Milano-Bicocca  - Italy) came to Marseille, on 29 September, to participate in the Céreq study day on “Big-data” and textual analysis of job offers.


Satelit Project

From 18 to 22 September, as part of the Satelit project , Julien Calmand and  Matteo Sgarzi went to Algeria  to talk with students at Bejaia and Constantine universities
about efforts to improve the recruitment of PhDs by businesses.


Labour Market Segmentation

Virginie Mora, attended the 38th annual conference of the International Working Party on Labour Market Segmentation in Manchester. Drawing on data from Céreq’s Génération surveys, she presented a paper on the forms and prevalence of precarity in the trajectories of new labour market entrants.



Higher Education 

On 11 and 12 september , Julien Calmand attended, in Hannover (Germany), the international and interdisciplinary conference on Pathways into, through and out of Higher Education. His paper focused on "French PhD holders in the private sector: the signal of chaotic pathways".

August 2017


Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe

Virginie Mora and Vanessa di Paola will go to Thessaloniki from 28 to 30 August to attend the Scientific advisory board of the EXCEPT project on Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe : Cumulative Disadvantage, Coping Strategies, Effective Policies and Transfer.

July 2017


Matteo Sgarzi returns to Mozambique as part of his contribution to the cooperation project between CIEP and PIREP-COREP


Student mobility

 Arnaud Dupray  will be attending the conference of the Association de Science Régionale de Langue Française to be held from the 5th to the 7th of July 2017 in Athens. His paper will focus on young people who go abroad for their higher education and then return to their area of origin. Particular emphasis will be placed on the role of contextual factors linked to the supply of higher education, the dynamic of the labour market and rootedness in the family and social environment.

June 2017


REPLAY-VET project

Matteo Sgarzi attended the second REPLAY-VET Project meeting in Milan.

May 2017


Cooperation with Mozambique

Matteo Sgarzi visit to Mozambique for carrying out tests in VET institutes in cooperation with the National Agency for Vocational Training (ANEP).

9- 12/05/2017


Matteo Sgarzi and Julien Calmand visit to Morocco (University Mohammed V - Rabat and University Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah) as part of the survey on professionalization od PhDs in the Maghreb Region (Projet SATELIT)


Inclusion of “non-formal education qualifications” in NQF

Céreq researchers will host the NQF-In project team in Marseille (France) and will present the national reports on the integration of non-formal education in national qualification frameworks.

April 2017



Julien Calmand visit in Tunisia (University of Sfax and University of Sousse) as part of the survey on professionalization od PhDs in the Maghreb Region (Projet SATELIT).



Céreq welcomes the GreenSkills4VET project team to Marseille (France). 


Educating and training in the world of tomorrow

Félicie Drouilleau will attend the International Francophone Colloquium of Clermont-Ferrand on “Place and roles of education and training, with a view to a transition towards a sustainable world”. She will contribute to the round table on Labor, Employment, Training and Competence.

March 2017


University and Japanese society

Oba Jun, Deputy director and associate professor, at the Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University, Japan, will come to Céreq to deliver a lecture on the relationship between University and Japanese society.


Cooperation with Mozambique

Chantal Labruyère, CEREQ researcher will return to Mozambique to train the officials responsible for managing vocational training in the country, on the Ministry side and the National Agency for Vocational Training (ANEP).



Matteo Sgarzi and Julien Calmand will attend the SATELIT Project steering committee meeting in Toulon.


February 2017


REPLAY-VET project

On 23 february, Matteo Sgarzi will attend, at the Scottish university of Stiling, the kick-off meeting of  the REPLAY-VET project  on “Changes in the labor market induced by technological innovation and their impact on the low qualified workers”.



Joint Céreq/Bibb conference

At the conference to be held on 7 February 2017 in Brussels, Céreq and BIBB will pool their research on issues on the transition and access to employment through the vocational training pathway, and in particular through work-based training. and-Bibb


November 2016


Regional Labour Market Monitoring

Aline Valette-Wursthen will take part in an expert round-table organized by the GIZ  in Cairo, Egypt, on the topic of “How to link Regional Labour Market Monitoring with TVET and Labour Market Policy? - An International Discourse on Lessons Learned, Best Practices and Experience from the MENA Region”. She will give a presentation on Observatory system in France and how RLMIs have been transferred into policy making in France.


GreenSkills4VET Project

On 7 and 8 November, Matteo Sgarzi and Félicie Drouilleau, together with six other European partners, will meet in Germany for the first phase of the GreenSkills4VET project. The team will work on teaching materials for VET in the fields of transport/logistics and nursing and on OERs for use in vocational education for sustainable development.


Satelit project

Céreq will take part in the Satelit project coordinated by the University of Aix-Marseille and funded as part of the Erasmus+ “External cooperation in higher education” programme, the inaugural meeting of which will be held in Genoa on 3 and 4 November 2016. The aim of the programme is to support research and innovation in the countries of the Maghreb by strengthening partnerships between universities in the Mediterranean region. Representatives of universities and other institutions in France, Spain, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco will work together for the next two years.


October 2016


Gender and Youth

Dominique Epiphane, Julien CalmandThomas Couppié,Vanessa di Paola et Arnaud Dupray  will take part in the 8th Youth & Societies in Europe and around the Mediterranean Meeting: "Gender and Youth" in Lyon (France) from 12 to 14 October 2016.



Mission in Mozambique

Matteo Sgarzi and Chantal Labruyere participated to the first CIEP/CEREQ mission of Consultancy to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Mozambique on the design and implementation of a Certification System under the National Professional Qualification Framework.



Training and apprenticeship

In the context of the European Semester for France at the Secretariat General of the European Commission, three Cereq experts , Emmanuel Sulzer, Isabelle Marion and Alexandre Meliva were invited to participate in an exchange session on 7 October 2016 with Commission officials on issues related to training and apprenticeship. 



New port and maritime jobs

On 3 and 4 October, Gerard Podevin (CREM - Céreq’s associated centre) attended the 5th International Human Sea ‐ Marisk Symposium on economic challenges and new maritime risks management: what blue growth? He took part in a round-table debate on new port and maritime jobs.


September 2016


Inclusion of non-formal education in NQF

Matteo Sgarzi and Josiane Paddeu attended the third meeting for the project “Developing organisational and financial models for including non-formal sector qualifications in National Qualifications Frameworks (NQF-in)” in Split, Croatia, on 29 and 30 September.



Josiane Vero contributed to the annual conference of the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) held in Tokyo and hosted by Hitotsubashi University from 1 to 3 September 2016.



August 2016


As part of the 11th annual meeting of its network, which was held in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, on the 18th of August, the European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring (EN RLMM) was focused on innovative approaches for the monitoring of labour markets in regions and localities across Europe. Aline Valette-Wursthen, executive officer at the Céreq did a presentation on Effects of Digitalisation on Skills  entitled : « Digitalisation of Jobs and Continuous VET in France: Preliminary Results of a New Survey ».


July 2016



20th Congress of the International Association of Francophone Sociologists

A number of Céreq researchers will be attending the 20th Congress of the International Association of Francophone Sociologists (AISLF), which will take place in Montreal from the 4th to the 8th of July 2016. Dominique Epiphane, together with Vanessa di Paola and Stéphanie Moullet from LEST, will be presenting a paper on developments in young people’s access to managerial positions and, more specifically, will analyse the progress women are making in obtaining senior management positions. Joachim Haas will make a presentation on the upskilling of chartered engineers and Frédéric Séchaud, finally, will talk about industrial classification systems and the development of new certifications




7th International Research Meeting in Business and Management

Ekaterina Melnik-Olive will attend the 7th International Research Meeting in Business and Management (IRMBAM-2016) that will take place on 11-12 July 2016 in Nice.
She will present, as part of special Session on Diversity, Gender and Trust in Organization, a research paper on "Can HR practices reduce gender inequalities? The cas of promotion and training.”

June 2016


Economy and morality

Dominique EpiphaneVanessa Di Paola and Stéphanie Moullet (Lest, Céreq's associated centre) attended the SASE Conference on the relationship between the economy and morality hosted by the University of California (Berkeley) between the 24th and 26th of June 2016. Their presentation focused on “Women in executive positions: the interweaving of individual and macro-institutional dimensions”. 


They came to see us

The 21th of June four italian researchers from ISFOL came to Céreq to attend the seminar on sustainable development: Gianfranco Coronas,  Ludovico Fioravanti, Luigi Milone and Gabriele Montironi.


Sequence analysis

As a member of the scientific committee and as chairman, Patrick Rousset (Céreq, DTEP) attended the International Conference on Sequence Analysis and Related Methods, held in  Lausanne from the 8th to the 10th of June 2016. He presented his article on “Employment pathways forecasting, what are the future prospects for young people after three years of vocational experience? Over/under-performing”.


Dual training

Céreq researchers Matteo Sgarzi,  Marie Hélène Toutin, Benoît Cart participated in a workshop on “Case Studies on Dual Training” organized by the BIBB on the 6th and 7thof June 2016 in Bonn. They presented an overview of the current state of the apprenticeship system in the French automobile production sector.

May 2016


Vocational education's future

Céreq and Lest contributed to the Cnesco/ Ciep conference on international comparisons of the future of vocational education (Paris, the 19th and 20th of May 2016).



They came to see us

The 17th of May, two Japanese researchers visited again Céreq: Masayo Fujimoto, Professor of Sociology, DOSHISHA University Kyoto, invited researcher at EHESS Paris and Mari Yamauchi, Institute for Technology, Enterprise and Competitiveness, DOSHISHA University Kyoto.



Territory and students perseverance

Céline Vivent and Laure Minassian will attend a conference of  ACFAS MONTREAL in Quebec, on  May 11th, 2016 on "Territory and students perseverance: Inequalities, social risks, monitoring and prevention." Her communication will focus on "educational alliances through the prism of territories."


Avril 2016


Empowerment, capacity and Capability

Josiane Vero will participate in an International workshop on “Empowerment, capacity and Capability: Capabilities in between social sciences and pragmatist philosophy”, organized by the Wissenschaftskolleg (Wiko), in Berlin, the 21th and 22nd of April 2016. She will present a paper on “Beyond Empowerment: How French Corporate Policies Matter for Worker’s Capabilities”.



They came to see us

Two Japanese researchers visited Céreq:  Masayo Fujimoto, Professor of Sociology, DOSHISHA University Kyoto, invited researcher at EHESS Paris  and Mari Yamauchi, Institute for Technology, Enterprise and COmpetitveness, DOSHISHA University Kyoto.


March 2016


Cooperation between Céreq and Bibb

Céreq received a delegation from the BIBB composed, among others, of Prof. Dr. Reinhold Weiss and Mme Birgit Thomann, for the signature of the biannual cooperation agreement between BIBB and Céreq. The joint objective is to promote vocational education and training research by cooperation projects and  mutual support.


They came to see us

The Céreq received Prof. Michael J. Camasso and Prof. Radha Jagannathan (Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA) in the capacity of Visiting Research Scholar. They presented their research on human capital, youth employability and entrepreneurship.




Valentine Henrard has been present at the the Final Seminar of the Eurograduate Feasibility Study, on the 15th of March 2016 .

February 2016

11-12 /02/2016

 Worked-linked training in France

Isabelle Borras presented current developments on “Continuing Higher Education (CHE)  and worked-linked training in France ” in the frame of the  Cedefop workshop 'Fostering partnerships for continuing training', in Thessaloniki, 11-12 February 2016.


Inclusion of qualifications in the NQF

Matteo Sgarzi and Josiane Paddeu made a presentation on French solutions related to inclusion of qualifications in the NQF, the 1st and 2nd of February 2016, in Dublin

Janvier 2016


Precarious work and social dialogue

As part of the European project "Reducing precarious work in Europe through social dialogue" (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities),  Alexandra d'Agostino in agreement with the head of the project in France, Philippe Méhaut (LEST, Céreq's associated centre), delivered a presentation on "Precariousness and sectoral typology of workforce management methods in France" on  the 19 th of january 2016.

December 2015


Access to education or employability

Dominique Epiphane (Céreq) participated in the conference organized by the French Institute in Vilnius Lithuania on inequalities in access to education or employability, the 16th, 17th and 18th December 2015, in Vilnius.


Apprenticeship and Professionalisation

Céreq co-organised the 22nd Longitudinal days, the 10 and 11 December, 2015 (Lille, France). The subject of the conference was: "Apprenticeship and Professionalisation : an asset for youth trajectories and careers". Web site:


Development and Consequences of Atypical Employment

Hélène Couprié (Céreq) and Xavier Joutard (LEST, Aix-Marseille University) participated in the workshop organized by the ZEW (Center for European Economic Research) in Mannhein (Germany), the 3rd and 4th of December 2015. They presented their work on  “Atypical Employment and prospects of the youth on the labour market in a crisis context”, evaluation realized thanks to the use of 7 years longitudinal data of Generation Survey of  Céreq.


November 2015


Labour market and skills Observatories

Alexandra D’Agostino participated, the 18th of November, in the workshop on  labour market and skills Observatories, organised by The European Training Foundation (ETF) in cooperation with the French Ministry of Labour and with France Stratégie. She presented an overview on branch observatory’s structuration.


Impact of apprenticeship on school-to-work transition

Helène Coupprie submitted, in Bonn (Germany), her article she is currently writting with Arnaud Dupray on “Measure of the causal impact of apprenticeship on the school-to-work transition of French secondary school leavers: taking into account the local context” at  the Bibb conference on "The Economics of vocational education and training". This article presents an evaluation of the impact of apprenticeship on school-to-work transition using data from the Generation 2010 Survey.


October 2015

30/10/ 2015

Employability of graduates

Matteo Sgarzi, Head of the International Relations Mission at the Céreq  delivered a presentation on monitoring of the employability of graduates at the Francophone University Agency in Bucharest (Romania).


Workers capabilities

Josiane Vero and Bénédicte Zimmermann presented the result of their interdisciplinary researches (economy and sociology) dealing with the impact of French companies' vocational training schemes on the development of workers capabilities at the Hitotsubashi University (Japan).


Second generation immigrants in France

Arnaud Dupray and Ariane Pailhé  (INED) presented a paper entitled “How integration into working life affects childbearing for second generation immigrants in France?” at The fifth annual conference of the Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies in Dublin, Ireland.


15/10/ 2015

Improving data on HE graduates

Valentine Henrard et Julien Calmand participated in eurograduate-workshop : “Towards a joint study design? Advancements of national-level graduate studies and prospects for a European-level study”, in Hannover, Germany.


15-16 /10/2015

Regional Labour Market Monitoring

Aline Valette attended the 10 th annual meeting of the European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring (RLMM) in Milan. She will co-animate the feedback session of the workshop on "Regional/Local Labour Market Monitoring for Economic Development Strategies, for VET Strategies, for Labour Market Strategies".

Juin 2015


Bibiana Volkmer Martins (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) came in the framework of its PhD thesis research on expansion and professionalisation of Higher Education in a comparative Franco-Brazilian perspective.


Ute Hippach Schneider (BIBB, Germany) and Kurt Schmid (IBW, Austria) came to exchange with Céreq Staff on their higher-Vet project, a comparative study on vocational education and training at levels 5 to 7 of European Qualifications Framework.

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