Network, organization and contacts

Multiple competencies for expertise at regional, national and international levels

Associated centres throughout France
Céreq's regional network includes fifteen based in university research laboratories, most of them affiliated to the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). The disciplines of each research team come to supplement those of the Marseilles staff.

The associated research centres and their host laboratories conduct specific studies in the framework of Céreq's fields of investigation. They also participate in joint studies corresponding to the main lines of the Centre research while participating to Céreq's missions towards the different partners in the Regions.


Contacts of the 14 associated centers

An activity on the European and world scale
Céreq's role as a public expert has led to the development of numerous international activities. Comparative studies between different European countries help the analysis of occurring changes in the varied and intertwined relations between training and employment. The centre collaborates with several similar European research and policy-oriented organisations. In Latin America, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, its know-how provides a basis for co-operation with a certain number of countries, bringing them support in the setting-up of necessary structures or developing appropriate working methods.

A broader, more comprehensive calling
Céreq stands out for the scope of its activities and disciplines. In Marseilles and throughout its French network of associated centres, it brings together economists, sociologists, statisticians, demographers, political scientists, jurists and educationalists. It carries out statistical surveys of individuals or companies, draws on varied administrative sources to expand its databases and carries out its own qualitative and quantitative studies.

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