The theme chosen for this first issue - the School-to-Work Transition - underpins a large part of Céreq’s scientific activities since its inception. Written by a former Scientific Director of Céreq, José Rose, professor of sociology, the introductory article presents different transition models showing the various ways education and work can be organized and linked to each other, as well as the different time-scales of the transition process.

The three main articles are based on the Génération survey conducted by Céreq since 1992, which provides through a longitudinal methodology a large set of data on school to work trajectories.

European and international comparisons as well as cooperation take pride of place in Céreq’s activities. We present here a few projects that have been carried out recently:

  • A comparative analysis of 7 European national qualification frameworks reveals different patterns of sector qualifications awarded outside the traditional educational context.
  • Named SATELIT, another project aimed to consolidate the positioning of Maghreb universities in their economic and territorial ecosystem...
  • Finally, this issue displays two documentary platforms as part of a partnership of experts that has been developed at the EU level and led to concrete outcomes, the first one on training and integration into the labour market of low-skilled adults, and the second one on educational resources related to the ecological transition for vocational training establishments.