For its 6th Biennial (held on September 24th 2020) Céreq decided to ask the following question: “Do firms facilitate the construction of competences?” This new issue of In and Around contains a selection of the papers that were presented there.

Why ask the question? The decision to do so arose out of a statement of the obvious, namely that we are collapsing under the weight of the term “competences”. It is true that this is nothing new. The term has already been widely used in the field of employment, training and work and has been the object of numerous debates. But for some years now there has been a strong renewal of interest, to the point where the term has taken on a semantic importance it had never before achieved, a sort of linguistic generalisation and institutionalisation. This should not, however, preclude us from questioning its relevance and validity.

The choice of this question arises also out of a desire or even a need on Céreq’s part to address questions related to competences, which it has been doing for a long time.



Do firms facilitate the construction of competences?

Lorna Unwin, Professor Emerita (Vocational Education), Institute of Education, University College London

Mathieu Hocquelet, Researcher at Céreq

Josiane Vero, Senior researcher at Céreq, Jean-Claude Sigot, Deputy head of the Training and certification department at Céreq

Antoine Bonleu, Researcher at Céreq, Olivier Joseph, Senior reseacher at Céreq, Emmanuel Sulzer, Senior researcher at Céreq, Marie-Hélène Toutin-Trelcat, Senior researcher at Céreq’s associated centre in Lille

What else?

Aline Valette-Wursthen, Senior researcher at Céreq

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