In a fast-changing global context impacted by major societal shift (climate, digital, demographic) and turmoil (pandemics, international political instability), economies are transforming, skills required on the labour market are evolving and professions are changing. It is in these conditions that career transitions and professional reorientation take place.

Change is part of people's lives, affecting both the private and professional spheres, driven by the need to secure one's own situation in the face of future uncertainties, or to improve working and employment conditions and/or meet personal aspirations. In France, public policies are increasingly focused on supporting careers and transitions. In a variety of ways, they are seeking to anticipate change and cope with the increasingly frequent shocks that our economies are facing and that have repercussions on people's lives.



  • BY Matteo SGARZI



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  • French Thematic Country Review (TCR) on Upskilling Pathways (UP)