Nef, n° 52, September 2015, 60 p.

After higher education, then what? Génération 2010 survey 2013 wave

Published on
23 September 2015

What became of the 369,000 young people who left higher education in 2010, with or without a degree? 
In order to answer that question, Céreq has analysed the first three years of the working lives of the 2010 cohort of leavers, who were surveyed again in 2013. A portrait of an age cohort, professional socialisation while at university, a detailed overview of the conditions under which they entered the labour market, the changes in the jobs they have held and comparisons with the 2004 cohort of leavers: these are the main subjects of this new publication. The book provides a detailed analysis of these young people’s trajectories and sheds new light on the transition from higher education to employment.

  • 369,000 young people left higher education in 2010
  • 2% unemployment among those with qualifications in health and social care requiring 2 or 3 years' post-secondary education.
  • 16% unemployment among those with a bachelor's degree in the arts, humanities or social sciences.


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The book presents the detailed results of the large-scale national survey carried out in the spring of 2013 among young people who left education in 2010.


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Calmand Julien, Ménard Boris, Mora Virginie, After higher education, then what? Génération 2010 survey 2013 wave, Nef, n° 52, 2015, 60 p.