Training and Employment, n° 87, August 2010, 4 p.

Applicants for VAE are unequally supported

Published on
1 August 2010

Applicants undertaking VAE procedures are not all on an equal footing. 70% of those applying for level 5 qualifications (ISCED level 2) are employed in the field of healthcare and socialwork. The associations in this sector provide a particularly favourable context for making VAE applications, thanks to the active policies they adopt. They provide their employees with support and cover the cost of accompanying and even training them. Completing the procedure successfully depends on acomplex set of factors. The main challenges ahead are reducing the drop-out rates and simplifying the whole procedure.

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Labruyère Chantal, Quintero Nathalie, Delanoë Anne, Applicants for VAE are unequally supported, Training and Employment, n° 87, 2010, 4 p.