Better Skills for the Unemployed Cross-disciplinary conference

Date de fin : 27 April 2020
Organisé par : Partenaires

This cross-disciplinary conference will take place on April 27th, 2020 in Salle Laroque, at the Ministry for Solidarity and Health. 14 avenue Duquesne, 75007 Paris - France. We will bring together expert researchers from France and abroad to present and discuss on the matter of training and its evaluation. The two keynotes speakers are Jeffrey Smith (University Wisconsin-Madison) and Heike Solga (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung).

Most countries are currently facing technological transformation and innovation that will impact the skills needed by employers. The role of technological change is likely to be an important factor for skill mismatches in the labour markets, generating inequalities across different groups of individuals and firms. The “Plan d'Investissement dans les Compétences” (PIC), launched in France at the end of 2017, has a dedicated 14 billion euros to improve the skills of unemployed job seekers, with a particular emphasis on those with the lowest skills and those most vulnerable to the changing work environment. PIC works together with the national and regional employment agencies to help them to transform (and introduce) training systems, making them more efficient, closer to the expectations of beneficiaries, and better at meeting the evolving needs of employers. 


The PIC is an ambitious endeavour with a planned large-scale evaluation of its impacts. While still in its infancy, the initiative will benefit from a deeper understanding of the academic research, as well as the state-of-the-art evaluation methods, on how training can be used to change skills and what impact it might have on labour-market trajectories.