Bridging innovation and learning in TVET (BILT)

The Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET (BILT) aims to support Technical and Vocational Education and Training institutions in addressing challenges that arise due to current global trends. These include the digitalization of the workplace and the training cycle, the transition to green and sustainable economies, a growing focus on the benefits of entrepreneurial learning, and the increase in migration that requires close engagement from TVET stakeholders to provide relevant training solutions.

In tackling these challenges, BILT leverages the existing mechanism of the UNEVOC Network where Céreq is a member to offer opportunities for collaboration between UNEVOC Centres and TVET stakeholders and a platform for bridging of innovation and learning between Europe, Africa, and Asia and the Pacific.
A specific convention signed between UNESCO and Céreq in November 2020 establishes the coordination by Céreq of an international experts working group in charge of  providing operational recommendations for actors at meso level on new qualifications and competencies.
Several meetings will take place during the first half of 2021 resulting in a final report expected in August 2021.
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