Employability of vocational secondary school leavers - Tremplin Project

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The Tremplin Project, "social experimentation for the integration of young vocational and education training graduates " led by the French Ministry of Education and CIEP (International Centre for Studies in Education) was conducted from November 2012 to March 2015, in partnership with Céreq, vocational institutes from Lille and Grenoble areas and three European partners: OFAJ (France / Germany), British Council (United Kingdom) and ABC Wiedzy (Poland).

Based on the observation that transition from school to work took longer, the experiment aims at improving the employability of vocational secondary school leavers. In order to achieve this goal, information and guidance centres, called First Job Centres have been created in 16 French pilot schools, in Lille and Grenoble areas. These centres provide methodological tools, information material and organize meetings with companies. International mobility of students is also encouraged through the development of partnership with various European actors.

Céreq took part in the project's Scientific Committee and was in charge of evaluating the experiment impact. A cohort of students from the pilot schools was interviewed before and after the experiment. The results were compared to a control group of schools from the same geographical areas. The final report presents the evaluation outcomes and sets out recommendations.


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