Céreq-AFD Project: Quality in training

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Cereq-AFD partnership on the management of training quality

A partnership agreement has been concluded between the AFD (Agence française de développement/French Development Agency) and the Céreq with a view to establishing a space for mutual collaboration on the quality of vocational training. This partnership is intended to enable the AFD to provide its operators committed in international development projects with advice and support in this area.


 In recent years, the majority of partner countries have expressed a desire to overhaul their vocational training systems in order to make provision more responsive to the needs of the economy and to improve young people’s education-to-work transition.

Pôle de Dakar’s Platform of Expertise in Vocational Training will be associated with this initiative with a view to establishing mutual partnerships with Céreq.


Demand-led management of training provision, which the AFD has been promoting for more than 15 years, is now embedded in a good number of regional and national public policies (in Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Congo, Djibouti, Côte d’Ivoire, the DRC etc.). Similarly, improving training and education quality has been clearly identified as a powerful lever for innovation and economic emergence.

However, while the reforms of vocational training are aimed at establishing some ambitious objectives, VET still suffers from a lack of visibility and recognition as well as from inadequate implementation. As a result, trainees are not always able to make the expected transition into work. Consequently, vocational training is unable fully to play its role as a catalyst in improving the competitiveness of African enterprises and produces cohorts of unemployed young people whose futures at work, in society and as citizens remain uncertain.

In support of their education and training strategies, these countries have been interested for ten years or so, starting with higher education, in putting in place quality assurance procedures as a means of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their education and training systems. This process is currently in progress in vocational training and all the actors, professionals and governments alike, have high expectations, particularly with a view to exerting leverage on the performance of the whole of the vocational training system (initial and continuing training) in order, ultimately, to make the training-to-work transition more successful and lasting, to raise the competence levels of all the actors concerned (young people, employees and enterprises) and to support the structuring and competitiveness of all sectors of the economy.


The AFD and Céreq are currently working under the terms of an annual agreement concluded for 2018 that will be extended until June 2019.

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