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27 January 2021 : BIBB and Céreq strengthen their cooperation in a context of Covid 19 pandemic.

Within the framework of their cooperation agreement, the German Federal Institute on Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) and Céreq hold an online meeting on the 27th January 2021. This meeting was led by their respective directors, Prof. Hubert Ertl and Ms. Florence Lefresne.

During the meeting, several research projects, carried out on both sides or jointly, were presented.

BIBB started sharing the results of a study conducted with GWS (specialized in empirical economic research). This study was a « comparative quantitative data analysis for logistics and commerce sectors in France and Germany » and essentially focused on data related to the two sectors developments, labour market trends and the qualification of human resources.

Céreq introduced two on-going research projects, supported by the government Skills Development Plan (PIC) : « Continuing training, skills development, professional projects / careers ; what effects of the Covid 19 pandemic ? » and « Meeting skills needs at a time of ecological transition : representations and realities ». The focus of this project on low skilled workers was underlined.

Finally, an update was provided on a BIBB – Céreq joint project which consists in a Germany / France comparison on the place and role played by professional actors in the national certification systems governance. The project takes place in a context of recent reforms of vocational training both in France (2018) and in Germany (2020) and also addresses the issue of digitalization regarding training.

Given the major current challenges (impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic, ecological transition, digitalization…), shared by Germany and France, BIBB and Céreq have agreed to intensify the sharing of their research results on those issues and to enrich their expertises through the implementation of joint projects.

► 9-10 April 2019: BIBB and Céreq renew their collaboration
Germany and France are intensifying their cooperation in education and vocational training.

Team of Cereq and Bibb 2019

Céreq and the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB), a partner organisation based in Bonn, are intensifying their cooperation in the field of initial and continuing vocational training by concluding a new cooperation agreement. 

"With this step towards deepening our excellent, trust-based cooperation, which has been going on since 1990, we are opening a new chapter. Together, we want to give life to the"Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle"concluded on January 22 between the German and French governments, Article 10 of which provides for closer cooperation and the creation of Franco-German instruments of excellence for research, education  and  vocational  training," said Hubert Ertl, BIBB research director, when signing in Bonn. “In the face of the growing challenges of globalisation, BIBB and CÉREQ will, among other things, pool their expertise through mutual and cross-border research projects." 

For Céreq's director, Florence Lefresne, the signing of the contract also marks a new step in joint cooperation. "Faced with digital, environmental and demographic transitions that Germany and France are jointly tackling, the comparative research undertaken will provide essential insights for public action in the field of vocational training and on evolving skill and certification needs for tomorrow's employees.”



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