DFC - Vocational Training and Qualifications

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The DFC which stands for Vocational Training and Qualifications is involved in analysing lifelong vocational training systems and practices, as well as the various modes whereby acquired skills are recognized in France and other European countries.
This Department is responsible for analysing the supply of qualifications. It studies the modes whereby diplomas, titles and certificates are designed, validating vocational training courses and other qualifications. Thanks to the Reflet dabase, we are able to map the historical development of diplomas as well as the geographical spread of their corresponding training offer. Our approach to educational policies focuses mainly on their implementation and the effects observed at national, regional and European levels.
In addition, this Department is responsible for observing and analysing continuing vocational training policies in France, thus contributing to policy assessment processes. We also provide the European Lifelong Learning indicators with statistical data. These data are produced and processed along with the Department's French and European partners (Insee, Dares, Depp and Eurostat). The primary sources of these data are : the vocational training expenditure declared by companies with at least ten employees (French tax declaration form 24-83); the European five-year Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS); and the European five-year Adult Education Survey (AES).
The other topics with which this Department deals have to do with the stakeholders involved in continuing vocational training, the evolution of their policies and the various forms of mediation existing between firms, individuals and the providers of continuing vocational training services.

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