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Founded in 2005 by four Belgian and French academic publishers, Cairn.info offers the most comprehensive online collection of francophone publications in social sciences and humanities. In 2019, more than 500 journals and 10 000 eBooks from major French, Belgian and Swiss publishers can be accessed by students, scholars and librarians worldwide on www.cairn.info. To make this invaluable content accessible to a non–francophone readership, Cairn.info launched Cairn International Edition, an English-language platform where abstracts and selected articles from key journals on Cairn.info are translated from French into English, enabling users to search, browse and read this content without speaking a word of French.


Érudit disseminates and preserves 206 scholarly and cultural journals, which have collectively published more than 210,000 articles. Over 21 million page views are tracked every year on the platform, owing to a user base from over 85 countries, and 1,100 commercial or partnership agreements have been established with documentary institutions all around the world.


The open archive HAL-SHS is devoted to archiving and dissemination of scientific literature, published or unpublished, from universities or research institutions in all disciplines of human and social sciences.

HAL-SHS provides publications produced by the scientific research. The expected scientific level is the one of a publication submitted in a peer-reviewed journal. HAL-SHS does not limit to published documents, or even intended to be published, but the scientific contents must be suited for a display in HAL-SHS.


Search assistant in Humanities and Social Sciences: 6 millions SSH documents from all over the world.

OpenEdition Journals (Formerly Revues.org)

OpenEdition Journals is a journals platform for the humanities and social sciences. Founded in 1999 under the name of Revues.org, it is now home to 450 online publications. Of our 150 000 articles, 95% are available in full-text access. In 2017, OpenEdition Journals websites received 4 million visits per month.


Opened in 2005, le Persée portal brings together complete collections of journals, conference proceedings, series and books. It now hosts 300 collections, i.e. more than 700,000 documents that are regularly updated with new titles. These scientific publications are mainly in the human and social sciences but the earth and environmental sciences are also covered.


The Sudoc catalogue is a rich collection featuring over 12 million bibliographic records (monographs, theses, periodicals series and other types of documents). It also offers the possibility for users to find documents in the collections of academic and research libraries which belong to the Sudoc network. Sudoc also catalogues the serial collections from around 2 400 other French documentation centres.


Search engine for French doctoral theses.