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Since 1992, the "Géneration" surveys based on a longitudinal methodology, analyse school leavers’ job insertion and trajectories in their first years of active life. Every 3 years, a new survey is conducted among young people leaving the education system in the same year, according to …

16 November 2020

Emmanuel Sulzer summarizes the main findings of Training No. 143: "A messier start to their working lives for a more highly qualified cohort". 

08 March 2020

Apprentices in France: more numerous, more highly qualified, better integrated into the labour market and better paid

19 July 2019

27 January 2019

During their first three years in the labour market, almost one young person out of six in the cohort gained rapid access to stable employment. Even among those with five years' higher education or PhDs, the children of managers and executives (cadres) are more likely to follow trajectories leading them to stable employment. The impact of social background on qualifications obtained has…

02 October 2018