“Learning Cities: COVID-19 recovery, from research to practice” Webinar

Date de fin : 17 June 2020
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Invitation to first joint UIL / PASCAL webinar in a series of five on “Learning Cities: COVID-19 recovery, from research to practice” will be held on 17 June at 1300 CET


The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) and PASCAL International Observatory cordially invite you to the first joint webinar within a series of five on “Learning Cities: COVID-19 recovery, from research to practice”, to be held on 17 June at 1300 CET,  and builds on the work of the 4th International Conference on Learning Cities. The webinar will focus on the challenge of inclusion in learning cities.

All details on this and subsequent webinars are found at https://uil.unesco.org/event/new-webinar-series-learning-cities-covid-19-recovery-research-practice.

Pre-registration is essential; up to 500 people can participate in each webinar and we hope that all PASCAL subscribers will consider enrolling for the event.

Speakers include Raul Valdes-Cotera from UIL and Mike Osborne from PASCAL, as well as representatives of cities including Medellin and Mantes la Jolie.

Full details of the agenda will be available early next week, including in the PASCAL Digest.