Céreq Bref, n° 446, November 2023, 4 p.

Tight jobs: can youth be the answer? 

Published on
29 November 2023

Tensions on the labour market reflect recruitment difficulties that are often seen as the result of a gap, in terms of quantity and quality, between the skills of applicants and the expectations of employers. But does such a gap exist for young people at the start of their working lives? Do they need to be trained in short-staffed jobs in order to be recruited? And how can they find long-term employment? Based on data from the Génération survey, this Céreq Bref looks at the situation of three tension-related job families in the early years of working life for young people who left vocational training in 2017.

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Couppié Thomas, Gasquet Céline, Tight jobs: can youth be the answer? , Céreq Bref, n° 446, 2023, 4 p. https://www.cereq.fr/en/les%20jeunes-dans-metiers-en-tension