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Integrating social support into training: feedback from a programme at regional level

For those who "have been excluded from the labour market", joining an integration and training scheme is often accompanied by social support, aimed at resolving difficulties linked to their living conditions. A programme set up at regional level has...

Céreq Bref, n° 449 , January 2024, 4 p.

Ecological transition in the construction industry: site managers on the front line

The building sector is well known for its high levels of pollution and its high greenhouse gas emissions, particularly when it comes to newly constructed buildings. It is therefore subject to numerous regulations, particularly those of the 2021 "Clim...

Céreq Bref, n° 448 , December 2023, 4 p.
Une Bref 447

Cooperatives for ecology: is it a matter of organisation?

Besides professional activities directly linked to environmental protection, there are a number of sectors in which the ecological transition is a key issue guiding the development of their professional practices. This is the case of the social and s...

Céreq Bref, n° 447 , December 2023, 4 p.
In and Around 4 - About career transitionsIn and Around 4

About career transitions

In a fast-changing global context impacted by major societal shift (climate, digital, demographic) and turmoil (pandemics, international political instability), economies are transforming, skills required on the labour market are evolving and profess...

In and Around, n° 4 , November 2023, 55 p.

Domestic helpers: finding the right balance between self-sufficiency and group involvement

Mostly performed by women, not very highly regarded and poorly paid, domestic help has many of the characteristics of so-called "low-skilled" jobs, including a high level of physical and psychological stress. Despite the fact that they generally carr...

Céreq Bref, n° 445 , November 2023, 4 p.
Couverture FE 163

Certification : towards a new training paradigm?

In this new issue of  Formation Emploi, we take a closer look at the rationale behind certification, which has become a fundamental aspect of the French training system. It highlights the legal ambivalence of certification, and reveals how the e...

Formation Emploi, n° 163 , October 2023, 177 p.
Couverture Bref 444

Are we moving towards "inclusive" support for adults with disabilities in vocational training?

The so-called "inclusive" policies aim to give priority to integrating disabled people into the ordinary environment rather than into specialised institutions. Just as in initial training, this trend is growing in vocational training for adults looki...

Céreq Bref, n° 444 , September 2023, 4 p.

How do senior citizens consider their career prospects until they reach retirement?

As the statutory retirement age rises in France, how do employees perceive their careers after the age of 50? Despite popular belief, most of them express a desire to evolve rather than a ‘reluctance to change’. Whether it’s a question of progressing...

Céreq Bref, n° 443 , August 2023, 4 p.
Couverture FE 162

Varia n° 162

For a long time, schools were seen as a sanctuary, and the economy as an independent sphere. However, the strong interrelationships between success, educational pathways and social position are well established. This issue illustrates how institution...

Formation Emploi (in English), n° 162 , June 2023, 102 p.
Couverture T&E 160

“Learning from and through work”, an alternative route to qualification

A good number of young people leave the education system without qualifications. For most of them, coming as they often do from disadvantaged areas, from areas on the periphery of towns and cities or from rural areas, access to the formal education a...

Training and Employment, n° 160 , June 2023, 4 p.
Training and Employment 159

Has the crisis disrupted thirty-somethings’ career trajectories?

How have the working lives of young people in their thirties, the “hard core” of the economically active population in employment, been affected by the health crisis of 2020? The results of the Génération survey: Covid et après? (After Covid what?) s...

Training and Employment, n° 159 , June 2023, 4 p.
Couverture FE 160

Varia n°160

This varia issue of Formation Emploi illustrates in particular the mosaic of trajectories in the educational and employment systems. For young people who are far from both school and employment, "voluntary military service" may be suitable for those...

Formation Emploi, n° 160 , December 2022, 110 p.
Couverture FE 159

Selection practices: at the crossroads of education and employment

This issue of Formation Emploi proposes a longitudinal analysis of selection processes, since the aim is to disentangle the practical effects of selection in education from that in companies. While the prisms of training-employment adequacy and inequ...

Formation Emploi, n° 159 , October 2022, 236 p.
Training & Employment 158

Between giving up and launching the project: career change plans challenged by the crisis

An event as unprecedented as it was unexpected, the health crisis interfered with employees’ plans for career change. How did they come to terms with this situation? In particular, what happened to blue-collar workers, or more broadly the least skill...

Training and Employment, n° 158 , September 2022, 4 p.

About environment and competences

The “ecological” or “green” transition has become a key concept in current political debates (e.g. the European Green New Deal in August 2021), following that of “sustainable development” promoted by the Rio Summit of 1992. Whatever the precise term...

In and Around, n° 3 , September 2022, 37 p.
Couverture Formation Emploi 158

A new age of school selection ?

For certain economic approaches, training would be an opportunity to increase human capital; for others, to sort people. This Formation Emploi's issue illustrates this tension by questioning what seems to be a new age of school selection confronted w...

Formation Emploi, n° 158 , July 2022, 255 p.
Training & Employment 157

Is the health crisis enough to explain their desire for a career change?

Three years into their working lives, the young people of the 2017 cohort of leavers from education and training saw the early stages of their careers thrown into confusion. Questioned several months afterwards, one third of them stated that the cris...

Training and Employment, n° 157 , June 2022, 4 p.
Couverture FE 157

The third-party employer, an emerging figure in the training-employment link

This issue deals with some aspects of intermediation in the training-employment link. The employment market is indeed characterized by persistent massive unemployment and growing precarity. Thus, market intermediation is a social issue. It appears in...

Formation Emploi, n° 157 , June 2022, 164 p.