Thematic country review on Upskilling Pathways for low skilled adults

Funded by Cedefop, this project will examine how the 2016 European Recommendation on Upskilling Pathways has been acknowledged in French and in Italian policy frameworks. Targeting low skilled adults, this Recommendation aims to help them acquire a minimum level of literacy, numeracy and digital skills and/or acquire a broader set of skills by progressing towards an upper secondary qualification or equivalent (Level 3 or 4 in the European Qualification Framework) to ensure a better social and professional integration.

Under the coordination of the Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, this project brings together the Istituto Nazionale per l’Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche (INAPP), in charge of the Italian Thematic country review and Iredu (Research Institute on Education) and Céreq, in charge of the French Thematic country review. In each country, a steering committee to be nominated by the Ministry of Labour will be set up to validate the strategies and the results of the studies.

Following the Upskilling Pathways analytical framework and in light of the recent vocational education reforms and programmes carried out in France, the French thematic country review intends to examine to what extent and how the Upskilling Pathways Recommendation has been integrated into national policies ; highlight which learnings and good practices to share at national and European level ; and suggest improvements.

The outcomes of the first phase are summerised in a report available on Cedefop website.

Building on these results, the next phase of the research, to be rolled out in 2023, will eventually lead to propositions and recommendations to tackle identified challenges.

A final report will be issued in 2024.

Project team : Julien BERTHAUD, Claire BONNARD, Jake MURDOCH, Sabrina NOUIRI-MANGOLD (IREDU and Associated centre in Dijon), Véronique SIMON (Associated centre in Bordeaux), Nicola DÜLL (Economix Research and Consulting), Anaïs CHATAGNON, Catherine GALLI and Matteo SGARZI (Céreq)

Contact : Matteo Sgarzi

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