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Céreq is involved in the partnership set up for this purpose with research or training organisations in four other countries, namely, Germany, Austria, Greece and Bulgaria.

The purpose of the Greenskills4vet project, funded as part of the Erasmus+ strategic partnerships programme and coordinated by the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück, Germany, is to develop teaching tools in order to improve vocational training programmes in sustainable development.

                      Greenskills4vet project meeting, Linz, May 2018

Transnational Meeting n°4

For their fourth and last transnational meeting, the Greenskills4VET partners met at the BFI vocational training institute (Berufsförderungsinstitut) in Linz, Austria, at the end of May (28th-30th May). This seminar dealt with the final phase of the Greenskills4VET project.

During the first part of the meeting, the European partners presented their current and future plans for dissemination using a variety of media and other instruments, including publications, publicity campaigns, conferences, press releases and social media. All the partners presented the content of their Open Educational Resources (OER) while the Greek, German and Bulgarian partners (German-Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce, ASPETE and WETCO) discussed in detail the pedagogical and methodological supports developed for users of their OERs online in their respective countries and targeted industries. The partners agreed on the choice of a creative common attribution share-alike (CC BY SA) licence in order to facilitate the sharing and dissemination of the OERs developed for health care and transport and logistics workers.

 The second part of the meeting dealt with the modalities and limitations of translating these educational resources into different languages (in the light, for example, of the regulatory differences between member states and questions about the relevance of the examples used in each OER). The ASPETE partners presented their OERs, giving further details to their European partners about the practical use of WebQuests in education in sustainable development before all the partners exchanged views on the supplementary information needed to use the OERs and to evaluate learners' skills (narrative for teachers, lessons learned, content, methods, material, duration) but also to improve them (feedback from silent partners and students).


Greenskills4vet project meeting, Thessaloniki, 24 and 25 October 2017

Transnational Meeting n°3

From 24 to 25 October 2017, European partners in the Greenskills4VET project met in Thessaloniki for the project's third transnational seminar.

Participants came from the following institutions: Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (Germany); Universität Kassel (Germany) ; Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche sur les Qualifications (France) ; Berüförerunginstitut Oberösterreich (Trade union Institute, Austria) ; School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (Greece) ; German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce Department Northern Greece (Greece) ; SdrujenieKolejzarabotnicheskoobuchenie (Trade union Institute, Bulgaria).

The objective of the seminar was to establish a conceptual and methodological framework for the design of Open Educational Resources for green skills development in logistics (EQF level 5 and French NQF level III). The debates focused on the pedagogical questions raised by the development of these skills, and particularly around the notion of learner-centred learning.

Partners also raised terminological issues relating to  the adoption of a common language (as an example:  which term to choose from module, sequence or unit?). The Greek partner (School of Pedagogical and Technological Education ASPETE) and its German counterpart (Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences) presented innovative teaching methods using Webquests (online questionnaires).

Finally, communication tools (posters, website, etc.) were improved with the help of Marion Massi, Céreq's head of Communication.


Greenskills4vet project meeting, Marseille, 24 and 26 April 2017

Transnational Meeting n° 2

From 24 to 26 April 2017, the European partners in the Greenskills4VET project met in Marseille for the project's second transnational seminar. This second seminar saw the presentation of different theoretical approaches to the notion of education in sustainable development.

The School of Pedagogical and Technological Education introduced the German Curriculum Framework in Education for Sustainable Development and outlined  a specimen curriculum for healthcare occupations based on this reference framework. This outline was further clarified and put into broader perspective by juxtaposition with various European and national certification frameworks.

In the second part of the seminar, work groups were set up in order to define precisely the modalities of curriculum construction and the levels of certification on which the partners are going to work in the next stage of the project, as well as the occupations on which the project is focused (healthcare, transport and logistics).
Another session, finally, was given over to communications, IT tools and a plan for dissemination of the project's findings.


Greenskills4vet project meeting, University of Osnabrück, 7 and 8 November 2016

Transnational Meeting n°1

The researchers from the 5 partner countries met on 7 and 8 November 2016 at the University of Osnabrückfor the first phase of the GreenSkills4VET project. The team worked on teaching materials for VETin the fields of transport/logistics and health care and on Open educational resources for use in vocational education for sustainable development.

The programme included a visit at the Company Hellmann Worldwide in order to gain insight of the concepts related to the sustainable development of the company and to obtain an overview of the growing "digitalisation" in daily routine.


Greenskill4Vet Learnbox

How to use the LearnBox?
The downloads available provide orientation in case you are interested in the Learning-units produced as Open Educational Resources (OER), in applying them in practice, in their background, in the experiences gathered producing and testing them or for the producing your own OER:



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Contacts (Céreq): Matteo Sgarzi , Félicie Drouilleau, Mathieu Hocquelet

Greenskills4vet website: http://www.greenskills4vet.eu/

ASPETE website on the project: http://greenskillsaspete.weebly.com/

Start date: 1 October 2016

Finish date: January 2019

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