Couverture Céreq Formation Emploi 138 - La professionnalisation dans l'enseignement supérieur : formes et effets variés
Formation Emploi (in English), n° 138, June 2017, 229 p.

The vocationalisation of higher education: varied forms and effects

Published on
29 June 2017

Relevance of the University Education for the Labour Market: National, European and International policy, comparison France and the Czech Republic

Josef Kavka

The article analyses the higher education public policy that seeks to increase relevance of the university education for the labour market. It tries to explain the rise of this policy in France and in the Czech Republic during the last 20 years. It distinguishes its three dimensions (prescriptive, competitive, discursive) in order to explore the links between the specificities of two national higher education systems, the European university policies and more general global trends. If the relevance policy has progressed in both countries, it has been based on different principles and triggered by divergent mechanisms in France and in the Czech Republic.

Keywords: Higher education, university, professionalisation of teaching, education policy, France, Czech Republic, international comparison, Bologna process


Between academization and professionalization: the vocational training of social worker in France and Italy

Ruggero Iori

This article explores how European policies introducing higher vocational studies have transformed university systems in Italy and France. Our empirical analysis offers an over-time, cross-national comparison of professional training for social workers, investigating its role within the university as a specific (educational) field and as a training device. Our results thus offer crucial insights on competing understandings of higher education in the two countries.

keywords: Social worker, higher education, professionalisation of teaching, education policy, university, diploma creation - diploma updating, European Union, France, Italy, international comparison

Journal of Economic Literature:I 23 I 28


From the professionalism of students to their employability, is there only one step?

Catherine Béduwé, Virginie Mora

Courses in higher education are enameled by professionalizing episodes which are connected or superimposed in various combinations. The professionality of a student is then the result of a process of accumulation - more or less singular and rich - of skills and signals that, beyond his terminal degree, may be of interest for future professional integration. The Generation 2010 survey allows us to show that there is a diversity of professionality profiles among students, whatever their level of training. And each of these profiles reveals a variety of individual employment strategies but also professional expectations that nuance the idea that professionalization would be a sufficient condition for professional success.

Keywords: higher education, student, professionalisation of teaching, professionalisation, employability, transition from school to work, school paths

Journal of Economic Literature:J 24


The sandwich courses in University, what effect on occupational integration?

Nathalie Beaupère, Xavier Collet, Sabina Issehnane

While the sandwich course in University continues its development, numerous researches focus on the features of these trainings and its audiences. From an exploratory study, this article proposes to compare the future of master's graduates enrolled in formal studies and sandwich training in order to identify a specific effect of the sandwich course on the occupational integration. Anad hocsurvey carried out in a university reveals that the differences observed are due to the uses of sandwich courses, which differ according to the specialties of the diploma but also the effects of labor market segmentation related to the specialty of training followed.

Keywords: higher education, university, sandwich training, transition from school to work, masters, school-to-work transition survey, professional socialisation, perception of training, professionalisation of teaching

Journal of Economic Literature:I 23, J 24, M 53


The patchwork of apprenticeship training in the French higher education system: structuring and growth of places offer

Arnaud Pierrel

Based on several studies, the following paper deals with the development of apprenticeship training in French higher education. It focuses on the inherent heterogeneity of its development, both between and within apprenticeship training centres (CFA). It shows that specific  dynamics at work are related to positions of these centres in the higher education system as well as local contexts in which they operate. From a methodological point of view, this paper argues for a localised and statistically disaggregated approach of apprenticeship training in higher education.

Keywords: higher education, apprenticeship, CFA - apprentice training centre, school work plan, numbers

Journal of Economic Literature:I 23, M 53


French universities and Lifelong Learning: an opportunity for adult learners ?

Isabelle Borras, Nathalie Bosse

Continuing training is one of the tasks of the french universities since 1968. But most of them have weakly developed adult participation to higher education (HE). Can lifelong learning (LLL) policies driven by international bodies since the early 2000's make the difference? Changing access and contents of training in order to establish a continuity between initial and continuing education, do LLL policies offer opportunities to open universities to adult learners? How are evolving the boundaries between initial education and continuing training in France compared with other countries? By addressing this issue, our ambition is to understand if adult participation to HE is currently developing in France.

Keywords:lifelong learning, initial training, higher education, university, adult training, access to CVT, higher education funding, CVT policy

Journal of Economic Literature:I 22, I 23, I 28


The professionalization of the universities through their lifelong learning for adults: a comparison Quebec-France

 Pierre Doray, Christelle Manifet

This article examines the professionalization process of universities through their adult education practices. It does so in a comparative way, between Quebec and France, two apparently contrasted situations. Following the societal analysis and the methods of the sociology of public policy categories, the analysis distinguishes two specific development paths for the university education supply addressing adult demand. While revealing the societal categories of lifelong learning, this method allows us to be attentive to what connects them as much as what depart from them. The article demonstrates that the professionalization of the universities engages a system of conventions, specific in each society by a local and historical configuration of action, between the University, the State, Socioeconomics partners and Individuals going back to study and/or at work. 

Keywords:higher education, access to higher education, CVT policy, university, professionalisation of teaching, adult training,  France, Quebec, international comparison


How higher education teachers learn how to follow students performances in companies during internships? A study of the tutoring organization and its socializations'effects

Stéphanie Tralongo

The article focuses on the ways in which teachers in higher education learn how to participate in the professional training of students. It is based on a sociology of socialization theoretical approach. The issue deals with the question of the organization of relationships between a University Institute of Technology (IUT) and the workplace. The example developed by a monographic method is tutoring : on our field of study it means teachers supporting students on the workplace during internships. The article studies the institutional organization of tutoring and its appropriation by teachers.

Keywords: tutoring, higher education, university institute of technology, teacher, professional socialisation, vocational activity, perception of work

Journal of Economic Literature:I 23, M 54


The vocationalisation of higher education: varied forms and effects
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