Diversity of career trajectories

What do Young Employees Dream of?

Quality of Work, Career Aspirations and Desire for Mobility among the Under 30s

The career aspirations of young employees, recorded via the Defis system (Dispositif d’enquêtes sur les formations et les itinéraires des salariés, a set of surveys on training and employee trajectory), by no means fit one single model. On the one hand, they are guided by a career-trajectory plan or a plan to find a job that best suits their skills and training. On the other hand, however, they reflect a desire for looser professional constraints to provide a better work-life balance or a desire for a more relaxed relationship of subordination allowing employees to gain greater autonomy. Terms of employment remain a major factor in the aspirations of young employees, although they do not paint the whole picture. The plans formulated by young employees when entering working life are largely determined by their assessment of the quality of the work performed, both from the perspective of its actual performance and in terms of the links it gives to networks outside of work.

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Citation: Fournier, C., Lambert, M. & Marion‑Vernoux, I. (2020). What do Young Employees Dream of? Quality of Work, Career Aspirations and a Desire for Mobility Among the Under 30s. Economie et Statistique / Economics and Statistics, 514‑515‑516,  pp. 113–131.


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