Disparity in access to training in Europe

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Disparity in access to training in Europe



Their rate of access to training of 48% puts employees in French companies above the European average, in 10th place out of 29 countries*. This rate has increased by three percentage points since the last round of the CVTS. Alongside Northern European countries such as Sweden, Norway and Belgium, where training provision has traditionally been well supported, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia all have access rates above 50%.

The Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS), which is managed by the European Commission and Eurostat, questions European enterprises with more than 10 employees every five years about the continuing vocational training they have funded for their employees.

Céreq is responsible for administering the survey in France and for producing the French data in collaboration with DARES (Direction de l'animation, de la recherche, des études et des statistiques, the research department of the Ministry of Labour) and after consultation with the social partners.

In this fifth round of the survey, Céreq questioned about 5,000 companies on their continuing training policies and expenditure in 2015. The CVTS is now an essential source of information on the continuing vocational training financed by enterprises in Europe.


A publication presenting a more complete set of results from the survey is planned by the end of 2018.


*The CVTS includes Norway in addition to the 28 EU member states.

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