Analyser les processus de décrochage. Comment les institutions et les organismes régulent, accompagnent les parcours des individus dans le cas de réorientation ou reconversion ?

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Orientation et décrochage

School drop-outs: the lessons from an experiment linking education and health services

The young persons' guidance and support programmes (ateliers pédagogiques/APs) at the Jean Wier Medico-Psychological Centre in Nanterre are an innovative project in the fight against early school leav...
15 Décembre 2013
Training and Employment Décembre 2013 4p. p
Orientation et décrochage

Raising awareness among science students of their future careers and employability

Long sheltered from unemployment, science students today have to give some thought to preparing for their entry into working life. The French Science Insert project, selected from among the projects f...
28 Juin 2013
Training and Employment Juin 2013 4p. p
Orientation et décrochage

The social risks of early school leaving : towards a localised prevention policy ?

The point at which a young person drops out of education is generally the moment when longstanding disaffection suddenly emerges into the full light of day. While it is always difficult to put an end...
15 Janvier 2013
Training and Employment Janvier 2013 4p. p
Orientation et décrochage

Leaving university without a degree : four types of early leavers

Students who leave University without obtaining degrees are not all poor attenders. Many young people enrol at University after ruling out other options, and when they start off, they have to learn th...
01 Juin 2010
Training and Employment Juin 2010 4 p. p
Orientation et décrochage

The quality of guidance gives rise to debate

The quality of guidance services has become a crucial public policy-making issue in OECD membercountries. In order to improve this quality, some countries are setting up competence standards, introduc...
01 Avril 2010
Training and Employment Avril 2010 4 p. p
Orientation et décrochage

Career guidance for job-seekers in Europe

The various services provided in the framework of adult career guidance have been evolving during the last few years as the result of European employment policies. Despite the quantitative and qualita...
01 Octobre 2006
Training and Employment Octobre 2006 4 p. p