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In and Around 4 - About career transitionsIn and Around 4

About career transitions

In a fast-changing global context impacted by major societal shift (climate, digital, demographic) and turmoil (pandemics, international political instability), economies are transforming, skills required on the labour market are evolving and profess...

In and around, n° 4 , Novembre 2023, 55 p.

About environment and competences

The “ecological” or “green” transition has become a key concept in current political debate (e.g. the European Green New Deal in August 2021), following that of “sustainable development” promoted by the Rio Summit of 1992. Whatever the precise term u...

In and around, n° 3 , Septembre 2022, 37 p.

Do firms facilitate the construction of competences?

For its 6th Biennial (held on September 24th 2020) Céreq decided to ask the following question: “Do firms facilitate the construction of competences?” This new issue of In and Around contains a selection of the papers that were presented there.

In and around, n° 2 , Avril 2021, 69 p.

About the school to work transition

The theme chosen for this first issue - the School-to-Work Transition - underpins a large part of Céreq’s scientific activities since its inception. Written by a former Scientific Director of Céreq, José Rose, professor of sociology, the introductory...

In and around, n° 1 , Mars 2020, 62 p.